JT Group Security Solutions (K) Limited is a private Company providing Security Solutions with a Primary Focus on Customer Satisfaction through quality Service Delivery.


Why Us

01 Professionalism, Training & Certification
Having been Certified By the PSRA, We are Confident in our work and have Kept a high Standards by drawing officers from the National Youth service who as well Undergo Intense Security training at our Training School.

02 We are advisors and provide quality services
We don’t just provide the service requested but we start by advising on what is required and developing Master Security Plan (MSP) then present to you for review. This gives us ability to provide exactly what is required.

03 Competency, equipment and Response
Our team is fully equipped with modernized and readily available equipment for effective security management and ensure mitigating, neutralizing and managing the threat on time

About Us

We are a private agency that provides security and other professional services for both individuals, Corporate, diplomats and More

Our goal is to provide each client with high level of Professionalism, Integrity and Loyalty that shows itself by our position in the industry by Maintaining Our Values:

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty

We have full insurance cover for our staff members (WIBA) and Contractual Liability Cover for our clients giving us a conducive business operation base

Our Mission

To directly face and confront the global security challenge by offering a squire security solution through informed approach and application of the right methodology to bring back the security stability by mitigating, neutralizing and managing the threat


Our Vision

To be the leading Security Agency in Kenya in terms of providing peace of mind to our clients by providing the highest level of protection for their life, properties, family members, personnel, enterprise, assets & interests based on understanding of customers’ needs and preferences
Security Team
Happy Clients